Christmas Games

Christmas brought a couple puzzles and board games to our home. Stampede is a set collection card game with animals as stamps that seems fun. We’ve only played it once so far, so we’ll see long term.

But the larger purchase was Tiny Towns, which is an abstract strategy game with a phenomenal theme of cute little woodland critters building their towns. The artworks and graphic designs is fantastic. It plays up to 6 players, which Tamed Beast Games enjoys, and is only 45 minutes for a game. We are really enjoying it, and I suspect it will be a family favourite for some time. There are some downsides, as some of the buildings are far better than others, and it lends itself to most parties only building 3 or 4 different types of building.

As for puzzles, its Ravensburger all the way…


Handcrafted Games

I probably don’t do quite as much work connecting and networking in the board game industry as I should. To be honest, most of my “board game” time is spent playing or making games! However, I have been lightly following a fantastic site/blog called More Games Please, which is all about board game art. There is little that is more important than the presentation of a board game to me, and it is one of the most important elements in providing an immersive experience. Before I ever played Scythe, I loved it, or at least wanted to love it, because of the artwork. Recently, Ross Connell, who runs the site, highlighted a toy/board game manufacturer called Timbrook Toys who are handcrafting small batches of a board game called Hedge Lord.

Hedge Lord

The labour of love here is just so inspiring, and the throwback/retro feel so good, that I wanted to highlight this game for you. It has even got me thinking how to inject subtle aspects of irregularity/uniqueness into my game elements so that each game feels like a unique creation, rather than something that has quickly come off the printing press.