Handcrafted Games

I probably don’t do quite as much work connecting and networking in the board game industry as I should. To be honest, most of my “board game” time is spent playing or making games! However, I have been lightly following a fantastic site/blog called More Games Please, which is all about board game art. There is little that is more important than the presentation of a board game to me, and it is one of the most important elements in providing an immersive experience. Before I ever played Scythe, I loved it, or at least wanted to love it, because of the artwork. Recently, Ross Connell, who runs the site, highlighted a toy/board game manufacturer called Timbrook Toys who are handcrafting small batches of a board game called Hedge Lord.

Hedge Lord

The labour of love here is just so inspiring, and the throwback/retro feel so good, that I wanted to highlight this game for you. It has even got me thinking how to inject subtle aspects of irregularity/uniqueness into my game elements so that each game feels like a unique creation, rather than something that has quickly come off the printing press.



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