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Zoospionage is undergoing a significant revision. Feel free to download, but there is a new version coming!

Zoospionage: Matterhorn Technologies

Enlist Your Agents. Infiltrate the Compound. Topple the Matterhorn.

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In the near future, technology mega-corporations have taken over the world and governments have little remaining power to stop them or their nefarious plans. One megacorp— Matterhorn Technologies, is suspected of possessing illegal technology which will solidify its control over the entire world. As a spymaster, you have been hired by a secret citizen contractor known to you only as Castellan to break into Matterhorn Technologies, locate the secret tech files, and transmit them back out.

Every round, players take turns drafting robotic animal agents to move one step closer in their approach to the core of the Matterhorn compound. But the Matterhorn strikes back, and you may be sent back a stage if the defenses get you. Infiltrate the core of the Matterhorn compound and conquer one of the Matterhorn Sentinels first to win.